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Member Christopher J Cooper

Hello my name is Christopher J Cooper, Ive been a member with GIA for quite awhile now. With not much use of the site. Wth busy schedules and what have you, it’s easy to put your aspirations aside and procrastinate on your goals. Now I’m tired of not pursuing my dreams and instead I’m going to dive head first in to it. I’m starting back to college in the fall and pursuing a geology major. In the mean time I’m going to learn has much as possible form this incredibly amazing and very well credited site and hope to meet a few new friends and business acquaintances. Along with continuing to pursue headiest crystals where I roam wife my girlfriend Anne. Thanks everyone in advance for having me hear and pleasure to meet you.

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Hi Christopher -
I want to wish you the best in your educational plans, and I also wanted to say that you gave a nice touch when you said “… where I roam wife my girlfriend Anne.” I hope you share that feeling with her!

Treat yourself to some rock hounding. Great way to learn and lot’s of fun.

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HI, Christoper; Sharing time with both your wife & girlfriend sounds like a Awesome time! Just keep compartmentalizing in your mind at all times!!

If you happen to run across any meteorites in your times of “roaming,” let us know.

On this subject, would you happen to know much about Jasper, Jaspellite, or Wyoming Banded Iron, and/or Red Beryl, which is also termed "Red Emerald?’ Turns out, that Red Beryl, along with its inclusions, is on the “very rare” scale for an obvious reason. You will want to check out NASA’s Apollo 17 report on “Shorty’s Crater” on the Moon. They report that the “crater” is an actual impact crater, rather than a volcanic fumarole, or at least, this is the latest presumption. Our sciences change daily, as they should!!

My Finest Regards!

PS: My sincerest Good Fortunes on your Journey through Space!! Our wonderful Planet Earth spins every 24 hours, and we are rocketing about the Universe at 60,000 MPH! No wonder we are all experiencing Vertigo and other mental disorders, as sources for grounding are always in question!!