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Mali Garnet- How much dispersion? Correct Color?

I’m fairly new to Mali Garnet and have only seen a couple of dozen examples of the species.

How much dispersion should the gem have to be considered fine quality?

Can they have as much dispersion as fine Demantoid?

Regarding color: I know that fine emerald green is the most valuable. In the yellows and oranges, what is more expensive, more yellow or more orange?


Mali Garnet dispersion range: 0.028 to 0.057 and Demantoid Garnet 0.057
I’d say dispersion is only one factor in assessing quality, so colour, cut, clarity matter more than dispersion, which, though helpful, will not define the stone as top grade on it’s own.

Yellow and orange Emeralds? Even yellowish and orangeish would be odd terminology for an Emerald in my opinion. Look here and check the shade of green nearest to the stone you’re considering (the options bar has a green rectangle outlined with red):
If it’s not there it’s not likely to be very commercial.
There is a possibility that you’re looking at another member of the Beryl group.

Thanks Cal59, very helpful dispersion info.

Would it be fair to say that dispersion is less important in Mali Garnet than in Demantoid Garnet?

Regarding ‘emerald green’, I was referring the the colour of Mali Garnet.

I know that emerald like green is the preferred colour for Mali Garnet.

What kind of value is put on yellow or orange Mali Garnet?

Is Yellow Mali Garnet or Orange Mali Garnet more sought after?

Oops! I just re-read this and realised you’re still talking about Mali garnet.
That is a bit easier to answer. As you move from green to brown the price drops so yellow is a slightly better option, but any shade of green is likely to be a more valuable if all other factors are equal.
Mali Garnet has a very big price variation per carat.
Sorry for the confusion

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The dispersion in Mali Garnet has quite a range so if I had to choose between two otherwise equal stones, higher dispersion would the winner, but if one had higher dispersion but poor clarity or colour, I’d opt for the best colour and clarity. Colour beats cut and clarity is certainly as important as cut. There is a judgement to be made because in general dark colours hide some clarity issues better and so cut might have an edge. Light stones throw up another problem in that ‘windowing’ makes a stone with good clarity, look less appealing. Personal preference is the factor you can never allow for with any customer.
Demantoid will have good dispersion so the 4c’s make all the difference

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I belive he is talking Garnet!

While green may be the preferred color for mali garnets in general, I personally prefer yellow. Tsavorites and demantoids already fill the green slot for me, and the only yellows I have ever seen are the mali garnets.

I believe I corrected myself if you read the whole thread!

No not as much as a Demantoid! - Mike Acquire Collectibles