Looking to monetize some of our Mali Garnet (Andradite/Grossular Blend)


My boss is looking to monetize $10m worth of our Mali Garnet (Andradite/Grossular Blend). We need the funds to insure and get the other 3 tons of dirt and rough gems of the same kind cleaned and filtered to get ready to be monetized. They have a ton of facet grade ready to be monetized. We are the first owners of the gems and have plenty of docs to prove so, they dug them out of the ground in 1991. Seeing if anyone knows a good place or can we do it here. The gems are GIA certified and appraised but they are not insured yet. That’s what we need some of these funds to do.

They own a few vary highly regulated companies and are looking to monetize the first batch of gems. If anyone has any good advise on where that can be accomplished, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.