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Lion`s Heart Opal - 4,2 kg opal from Ethiopia

This astonishing treasure was discovered in Welo, Ethiopia in 2015 but has been kept secret until the recent days.

What makes it really unique is the size: Lion’s Heart weights an astounding 8 kilograms whereof the opal itself - all in one piece - weights 4,2 kilograms,

thus easily outweighing the famous Olympic Australis, the former defending champion. It’s safe to say that Lion’s Heart is now considered to be the largest opal on the planet.

The Lions´s Heart Opal is for sale. Visit our website for more information.

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Please let me know if you have any questions about the opal.

And here is the video we made about the stone:

Here is another video to help understand the remarkable size of the stone:

If you have any questions, don´t be afraid to ask. This lion won´t bite. :smiley:

What an absolute beauty!
That lion is intimidating!! Haha