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Large collection of Arizona Rock hound.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Miles and in 2020 I lost my father and Grandmother. During that difficult time in my life, I was given my grandfathers \’Gemstone and Lapidary collection which actually started with my Great Grandfather, and in my opinion is rather large. While I was out of work, I read three books on Gemstones and Lapidary work. I really enjoyed them and started to make cabochons with the help of my grandfather\’s homemade copper dob stick/templates and an 8\” flat lap from Amazon. Anyway, I would love the expert opinions and knowledge of the group so I will be sending some photos and videos as soon as i figure it all out.


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These days there is a lot of use of flat laps, and resin wheels, but I prefer something soft-backed. If you are using more or less rigid wheels or laps, you are stuck twirling and twirling to get the required curves, whereas if you use an expanding drum or rubber backed pad, you only need push into the wheel/lap to get the curve. Of course you still move the stone around, but you can do that a little more slowly and you don’t end up with flat spots…the curve comes in naturally. Ditto with polish…the soft backing means the polish comes in easily without endless twirling. As to cabs, buy the most colorful, expensive material you can afford and make designer cabs of various creative shapes rather than the same old boring ovals, as this sets you apart from others. Then you will need to sell to jewelry designers or learn some silversmithing to set your stones. It is not that difficult and can be accomplished with a small number of tools.

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