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Kindly identify this gem?

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Just having a guess Tourmaline (Rubellite).

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Could be Tourmaline.

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Das könnten Granate (Rhodolite) sein

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Weight and color alone are not enough to identify these stones.
Some Possibilities: pyrope/spessartine garnet ($1 - $30 per carat), red zircon ($75 to $125 per carat), rubellite (red tourmaline) ($33 to $500 per carat), Red spinel ($200 to $2,000 per carat), and ruby ($500 and up). Without running basic tests, there is no way to know which if any of these stones you have.

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You have a scale, so I would start by doing a simple SG calculation. A dichroscope would separate the doubly refractive species from the singly refractive. Magnetism will also help distinguish some of these. Probably these three tests would do it, but I haven’t gone thru all the species myself. Gemology Pro software for about $60 will tell you exactly how to ID these.



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Have you tried to check for specific gravity yet? It is a simple test. Checking for fluorescence will give you a clue if they are ruby and spinel. That would be my first 2 tests. Refractive Index if you can get a good flat side to any of them.
It looks like they have nice color to them from what I can see from the photos.
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It appears to be Carnelian. It could also be Tourmaline. A specific gravity test would be beneficial in getting closer to an answer.


This IGS Chart on specific gravity might be of help;


Take a strong magnet, if it attracts the stones it is garnet.