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Kindle Book Possibility?


I would really appreciate it if the material on this site was available as a Kindle Book or Paper. Any chance of that happening? Perhaps you could sell it only to Gold Members or such to keep control of it. Or, just have a discount code for Gold Members. Any chance of this happening?


Gemmology, Third Edition by Peter G. Read is available for Kindle.
Practical Gemmology – A Study of the Identification of Gem-Stones, Pearls and Ornamental Minerals by Robert Webster

Both of these I have found quite useful, and I always have them with me, even when an internet connection is not available. I use IGS website frequently, and have printed almost all of Don Clarks articles for my personal use.



Gemology tools is now available on the web that you can access from phone or tablet. Also check out the metdiagem app for phone and tablet. It is packed with lots of gemstone properties