I can't believe what the IGS did

I have tried a couple of eBay dealers off eBay they have all sent simulants but the stones were certified and came with a certificate but the were zandrite a man made simulant if you have a cert that is not from the gia it’s most likely worthless I don’t except them as id neither does any dealer I associate with but we have the capability to id stones as certified gemologist but to sell 10,000$+ gems we send them to gia only please use cation selling stones off eBay with there credentials

That’s a beautiful Alex looks like old Russian stock it doesn’t get better than that green to red

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Never ever buy anything from India, no disrespect to anyone from India on here but 99.9% of the Indian sellers on eBay sell simulants, I keep reporting them to eBay as it gives the genuine sellers a bad name. I have the option of GIA certs from this seller and I have done with some of my Rubies, ALL of them have come back exactly as the Seller has described. As always it’s buyer beware :slight_smile: