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I am New To Gems

Hello my new friends,My Name Is Rosemary i am 64 and am looking to enjoying making new friends and learning a new skill i am fascinated by gems and there making by mother earth,i want to learn how to id gems correctly starting a gem collection, And learning to use equipment properly. i recently brought some so called emeralds but when tested with a presidium tester it did not give emerald as the id, instead tsavorite the purchase included and plastic card to prove it was emerald lol i guess the old saying that you are never to old to learn a new skill, i love gems and jewelry my first job was working in a jewelers in Oxford UK called Rowel and Ballard, the closed down 40 yrs ago but i loved it now is my time and i want to learn from you all god bless stay safe and i look-forward to making new friends