Hi everyone :) My name is Fitia

I am a gem passionate and wish to know more about them here!My greatest hope is to turn this passion into my main activity!


Glad to have you here. Are you a collector, a jeweler, a miner? What drives your passion? Is there a particular gemstone you have an interest in? Do tell us more.

Hey BrianR42392! sorry for late answer; i got carried away into this busy life haha. Well, to answer your question, I live in Madagascar where a good variety of gemstones can be found…and every single time I come accross one, i am dazzled about their beauty… Then questioning came to my mind such as about their origins, how we humans are valuing them and their use/ belief attached to them throughout the history of humanity… :smiley: In terms of gems I hardly can make a choice but if I have to mention 4, Id say Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst and Tourmalined. And you, what drives your passion for gemstones? Is there a particular gemstone you have an interest in?

Thank you,

Yes it is interesting to see how beautiful stones have been made into jewlery for thousands of years. Many such as rubies and sapphire are interesting to me, and of course tourmaline. Where i live in the western United States Oregon we have a stone called Oregon Sunstone which i mine for. It is a feldspar material and softer than ruby or sapphire and is beautiful and colors range from golden or champagne color to brilliant red, green, pink and ormge red colored.

I love this gem I have bin looking for the green and blue counter parts
for years. they are very very difficult to get a hold of in Africa.

We must speak. Please follow my Instagram and message me. Green and blue are rare, but i do have available. @rosegemshop

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thank you so so much I will defernetly make contact.
Best regards Jarryed