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Help pricing a Burmese Ruby

Curious: Do you mean at the retail or wholesale level?

I ask because generally my European clients say exactly the opposite thing about the wholesale market.

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Looks like a pink sapphire… Should? So my question is when does the sapphire become…A RUBY?

OTTER. can you please help me with a serious question? Hmm who were the original (KINGS OF BLING)? if you answer my question correctly, you will be the smartest person and hopefully you will also get a laugh out of my question as well :blush: ITS A WIN ,WIN OTTER! oh,by the way,why do they call you otter? Hmmm

Just curious, OTTER…THX

I thought everyone knew that the Original King of Bling is Elvis Presley. Lol. Then again There are a few other preformers that would wish to claim that title but in my book it has to be Elvis!
As for my name…Otter is just the English way of saying my name, shortened a bit, its Little Otter. I’m 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Northeren Cheyenne. If I spelled it out it would be a total tounge twister. So, most just call me by Otter for short. Every time I go to the Dr or hospital they call people by their first name but myself is a different story. It’s a big joke for the new nurses. I always know when they have a new one in because they really try to say it.
Hope that I’m right! Now who do you have in mind? Liberachi?
All the very best this Christmas, Chanukah and New Years Season!

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good question Cj66 re pink sapphire versus ruby, if you look at the Gemval colour scheme for ruby you would think some of the Burmese colours are pink sapphire too but hey they are classed as ruby. this is an old age deliberation and I use the colour book “world of colour” from gemworld international and the colour is classed as ruby under their scheme.
I would class this as pink sapphire

Lol! Otter! You are the first person here ,that has a good sense of humor! Lol however.,. You are good but not as smart as you thought were :wink: the original Kings ,plural. Of bling were the Indian mahahrashas!!! Think about it and u can laugh any time you feel like it is appropriate and approved! Lol my real name is unknown, because my beautiful wife,calls me sooo many different name’s that I would be banned forevermore on this good site if anyone knew or heard the names I’m called,ok laugh otter! Ok that’s my 2 cents today! Lol

I just reread the post you pit up and that is what I was just about to type in. Well, along with the Pharos of Egypt. I’m a bit of a student of history. They may not have had the technology to cut the stones that they had or even used real stones at the time but the items found are quite stunning with all of the stones and glass that they used. The jewels from the Maharajas are still some of the best in the world and can’t be matched to this day.
I did find the question a bit off so I was just thinking you were pulling my leg a bit. I read it as KING and not as KINGS.
Your wife must love you dearly! Lol I can just imagine some of those little sweet names she has decided to bless you with. Lol
All the merry best.

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The Pink/Red corundum debate has been going on for so long now and it’s a pure form of entertainment for me these days. I just love to see all of the arguments. Some of them are so far fetched it’s comical. For my opinion on Ruby, it simple, red is RED! No other color makes a ruby. I’m kind of a snob in that direction.
I do have my own gauge here at home. My husband is a bit color blind but he can pick a true red out of my stock every time even if I put in a stone that has a slight pinkish or purple color to it. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen. He sees a totally different color in the stone or that is what he tells me. Most people have a hard time seeing the slight color difference. A setting may change the or enhance the color but he can still pick it out. Shame that he can only do this with the red and blue stones. He is retired a farmer with no idea about what stone is what. All he knows about stones is, I have too many!
All the best in picking your reds/pinks,

Is it reasonable to expect to get a nearly accurate appraisal on Burmese Ruby, but heated ??

Hi Tom,
With the Gem Society there are quite a few great appraisal services available at your disposal. That is one of the perks of being a member. You can post pictures and information about your stone on this forum and get quite a wide and varied value for it. Your best bet is to find an appraisal service that is close to you and send it off to one of them. They will do a professional job at a great price and you will get it in writing.
All the very best in your venture.

Thanks for the info. I will make photos and do just that.
Tom C