Help GIA Equipment

I am wanting to know what people used as a power adapter in Australia to use there GIA equipment Microscope ect, I have got one online but it doesn’t power down to 110/ 120v and I don’t want to use any thing that might blow the bulbs and short out the power.

Yes, you will need an adapter with a female recepticalfor your US plug and a "Type 1 male plug to go into the outlet in Australia. This is all that is necessaryaforchargersand reduced voltage adapters that can use 110 volts to 220/240. Just look on the adapter and it will tell what vvoltages it can use. If what you have is a plug that goes into the wall outlet in the US, and is rated strictly for 110/120, then you will need a step down transformer toreduce the Aussie 240 down to 120. I’m sure you can find such on line with a simple Google search. A small transformer is all you need because the instrument lights don’t draw that much power.
Hope this helps,

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Thank you royjohn, I really appreciate your help :slight_smile: