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Hello fellow collectors

I have been collecting (ok hoarding) gemstones, minerals, tektites and relics of the sort since the age of 7 way before the internet and before it became a trend. (I am baffled at the lack of \”gemstone\” regulation on websites such as alliexpress, etsy and eBay). I joined this site out of curiosity on a whim. I take pride in staying educated and like to refresh my memory. Professionally, I am a psychiatric registered nurse. I keep it professional NEVER talk about myself at work but I do listen and encourage my patients to tell me more when the topic of crystal and gemstone healing comes up. I have a level of insight into the power of the mind that is very rare. I do make gemstone jewelry locally in combinations guided by what others told me over the past 30+ years. My combos are on point. I decided to start doing some stuff online a few years ago… haven\’t done it yet. I don\’t have a way with words. I listen, I give. It works. That\’s my little ramble. My books are all old and falling apart. I want to try a few courses here and get some cold hard facts hopefully not a BS website.

You are spot on re/ EBay and others allowing crooks to sell counterfeit glass stones etc as real gemstones. I have seen “ rubies” and other precious gemstones at one ct. plus selling as low as $20.
Any thing I list on these sites I always state some type of disclaimer like this ;
Don’t be fooled by the fact that eBay allows counterfeit gemstones to be listed as real….if it’s too good to be true that’s because it is !


It’s not.Also G.I.A. is very good.Knowledge and equipment are what is needed,so have fun and take your time as it does take years to learn.

Sounds like you have a wonderful fun hobby that you totally enjoy. That’s great! Congratulations.

Hi here is the address of my practical gemmology course booklet. No charge. Have a look and let me know how you get on. Best wishes, Adrian

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