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Helenite stones needed


I am looking for a dealer of Helenite. I need a couple stones for a pair of wedding bands.

I need a 4mm round or heart shaped and a 3.-35mm round or heart

Please help


do you know what Helenite is?It is volcanic glass and does not where well.


It’s not even “volcanic glass” (ie natural obsidian) it is man made glass that may or may not have had a pinch of volcanic ash (which may or may not have come from Mt St Helens) added to it. Anyone can call any glass “Helenite,” unfortunately. For wedding rings do consider a real gemstone, both more durable and more valuable.


I do what the customer says…


Did you find what you were looking for? My family and I are from Washington state and I was in eastern Washington when Mt. Saint Helens blew and remember that day well. I am always cutting Mt Saint Helens ash glass for family and recently sold such a necklace on Amazon. If you still need a couple cut, I can do that for you. You can message me privately for specifics.