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Having a mine in Sri Lanka

Dear Members!

One of my many dreams is to have a small mine in Sri Lanka. I’m from Hungary but if everything will go as planned, next year I will move to Bangkok, so I will be closer, and maybe my dream can come true. I have a friend in Sri Lanka, who own some fields but never started any mining activities, because he is not intrested.
What do you know about the legal costs and permits?
Do you think it is possible? Or it will remain a dream? :slight_smile:
Tank you in advance!

Sri Lanka not so
Easy like some countries you have to get permission from government and good funds mine is not easy people can stolen easy good piece and you better have a good friend partner mine business you have support with good amount cash. For lift and equipments to dry the water on bottom and be lucky is this hole worth the investment one of some stones comes good is rattanapura district

your friend should be able to help you with that info since he lives there.

Pablo… I have worked with mines from turquoise to gold; and my “sense” is not very supportive of your dream. All mining requires a tremendous amount of initial capital investment… a single earth mover is easily over $500,000 USA… let alone buildings,processing equipment, people & payrolls, and buyers and markets. And there are always unexpected expenses in 6+ figure range. I thought that your questions about “legal costs and permits” was too minor and seemed too far off the mark of what it will really take to open a successful mining operation. However, if you are a real mover and shaker, know how to get investors and partners, and are a terrific manager and highly outgoing… more power to you, and I hope you can realize your dream. Good luck.

Good luck. Even if it doesn’t come true, don’t ever lose the desire & dream! I have had a number of dreams as well, but they are still just dreams at this moment in my life. Perhaps Sri Lanka isn’t the right place to fulfill your dream. No matter where, I wish you good luck in your climb to make that dream reality!

VERY RISKY on multiple levels…please consider acting as a “runner” first, do some work with existing miners and get a good supply of gems to market…sell gems first and build a network of buyers…much safer option as you get to make good money while getting to know the insider information.

Well firstly Sri Lanka does not issue mining licences to foreign nationals. and secondly there is no mechanized mining allowed, ( Not too sure if the rules have changed ) its All artisinal mining

the way mines work in Sri lanka is different from other places , There are shares , the water pump gets a share, the land owner gets a share and the workers get a Share of the profits.

read this
Send me a message if you need more info

wishing you all the best

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