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Grey spinels- some advice pls

Hi All,

First time posting here and thought I could need your help in terms of buying grey spinels. I couldn’t find the pricing guide for grey spinels and only for purple, blue, pink and red spinels.

Do you think 3.56ct Burmese spinels (4 pieces) all in good clarity, loop clean and good grey colour/fire at the price of $860, is a fair price?

Best regards,


Hi there,
I’m new to the gem market too. Just to share my light experience. I recently purchased 3 Burmese grey spinels, one big and two small, 3.13ct total, for only $340 include international shipping. Loop clean and excellent cut all that.
Hope this helps!

Hi Jessie117cn.

Can I ask where you purchased them from? Mine is from Thailand and do you have a photo of the stones so I can compare their colour? The price difference is so huge, maybe I should have waited before purchasing mine. Although they do come with certificate of their local lab, I feel worried that I may have paid too much when they are not even red or pink spinels.

What I see from a Skilled cutter 100-150 $ a carat
Retail about same for commercial cut for gray.
I am not selling or buying only what I seen offered.


Sigh…thought so. There are various grey spinels online and the prices are between 150-200 per carat. I seem to have overpaid. On the invoice it did say that they are refundable, so I will have to make a decision once I get them. If I don’t like them at all I will ask for refund.

If you want matched pairs you might have to pay the price. Maybe not so easy to come bye ? I don’t think it’s a overpriced. Jut that some are selling cheaper depending on how they are sourced. Normally the best is to find cutters and buy directly from them. You probably end up with better quality stones as well.

This supplier got the rough stone and have cut it themselves. They said matched pairs don’t easily come by as one rough stone can have different tones/colours within it. This one have a tint of blue tone. They will also provide me certificates and that is included in the price. I think this is the reason why it may seem overpriced compared to other suppliers as I am paying for their cutting skills and lab certificate. The stones will arrive on Friday this week.

I am sure you will be stunned by the stones.
I think you did good. :+1: