Grandidierite appraisal request

I recently bought some Grandidierites and I am looking for an expert to give me an estimate.

What a rare stone! You can try contacting some of the gem appraisers in the IGS business directory.

Geologist and IGS Team Member

Thanks for your answer I will try this out.
Since I live in thailand do you think that sombody at IGS Bangckok can hel me on this
Best regards

Hello Pierre, My office is on Silom soi 19 near the JTC in Bangkok -

Hello Jeffry
I go Bangkok tomorrow to withdraw 3 pièces at Lamberts 3 pm.
We Can meet after if you want
My phone 0984 02 11 57
My email
Thanks for your answer

I will be using my USA number +1-702-538-1772

I will come to your office round 3 pm