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Fluorescent/Phosphorescent gem material ID

I have two small polished spheres-- one is Icelandic spar and the other is fluorite. Unusual feature–they both glow in the dark. I didn’t think these could glow unless using a Lw/Sw light, but these actually hold a charge. Does anyone know if this is a natural material, or are they treated with something? If so, what? Can you tell me anything about these?

Any chance of a picture or two?

Fluorite may well indeed fluoresce, depends on the locality. I’m not certain about Iceland Spar, my slab from Taos County, New Mexico, near the Harding Pegmatite Mine, gives a weak response under SW. A mild pink color. Hold a charge? Or simply glow while lit? Holding a charge suggests afterglow which is more uncommon. I’d encourage you to look up the Fluorescent Mineral Society on Facebook to ask these questions. They will want a photo in visible light as well as SW and LW and MW if you have that. And, as always, location, location, location. I am a sustaining member of the FMS. Good luck.

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I found this information online about ye ming zhu. This may be what I have.

Hmmmm, ok!