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Faceted Emerald, Saphire & Chrome Taumaline sale advise

Hi all.

I’m so sorry, Like i said, i should have attached some pictures of my stone to the post yesterday. I’m just getting used to this system to be very honest.
Please find underneath the attached pictures of the Emerald, sapphire, Chrome and pink Tourmaline that i needed advised for. I also put up pictures of during faceti

ng and before faceting etc. I have got videos for the stone but this page won’t take it. I can send it to anyone that would like to see it.

My name is Gideon from United Kingdom. I have a passion for minerals and gem for over the years now and i have just become a member of this forum
I have got some Emerald of 46 Carats in total (one piece 22 carats and11,5,8 carats) and Total Sapphire of 17carats between(3carates and 1.5 carats), Chrome tourmaline 8carats of one piece.

First of all, my aim is to sell the lots . But i would like an honest advise about how to go about it as I’m a bit skeptical of gems dealers. I’m also thinking about auction sale but have never tried that before.
please fee free to advise or you could reach me on, +447940517223. I can also be reach through WhatsApp on the same number. Or

Your swift response would be highly appreciated.