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Diamond cut emerald or asscher?


Recently came across a gorgeous diamond, which to me is either an “IF” or “VVS” the color is outstanding in my opinions but I do not have a set of stones in order to accurately compare. I am also having difficulty figuring out the specific cut. To me it looks like a mixture of an emerald and asscher cut. But could possibly be one or the other. If anyone could shed some light and give their opinions it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Face down I would say the color is rather high. You can clearly see the yellow tint in the stone. It appears higher than J. Also I would say that’s an emerald step cut. Also, in order to diagnose the stones clarity you need a 10x triplet loupe. If your using just your unaided eye, it could be an SI1. Anything above SI2, you’ll have a hard time seeing any inclusions with the naked eye. Best of luck.


Thank you for your reply i really appreciate the insight. I got a hold of another Diamond which was certified by GIA as a J color. I put them side by side and you are correct, much higher. I came to the conclusion it is most likely a K color. Still, the Diamond is more than desirable. An emerald step cut is also what I ended with after much comparing. Your advise helped determine a lot of the color analysis though so thank you. It is always nice to get an opinion from outside eyes.