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Continuing a journey

I\’ve been a middle school science teacher in AZ for 22 of 38 years of teaching. I have a masters degree in the art of science teaching with the bulk of my studies in Earth/Space science. I\’ve been collecting since I was 7. A lapidarist and friend of mine recently took me in to get me started in cabbing. sdadly, he passed away recently and I find myself in need of others who can help me on this journey. I like cabbing, the thrill of opening and revealing the often-times surprising beauty of a stone. I would like to learn more about it. Should I specialize or stay more a general collector. Can I make a small business of it? How would I start? I have other questions as well. I\’ld like to hear stories, pros, cons, pitfalls to avoid and opinions from experts as well as share my adventures/misadventures. MY dear friend got me started.I need like-minded, patient people to encourage, prompt,direct.
Hank Shoop

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I’m sorry about the loss of your dear friend. It makes it all the more noticeable when they’ve left such a void in your life. I don’t know where you live, but there are rock clubs in almost every city and I bet there’s one or two near you. They meet and go on adventures to look for mother natures treasures and share their knowledge on equipment as well as their experiences in rock cutting, polishing etc.

While you may have lost one dear friend, you may gain a whole group to help you through your journey.

Good luck

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My condolences, as well, Hank! The first thing you must do, is to admit that you are a “Rock-AA-Holic.” From this point, everything is easy-breazy, providing you bring your sense of humor! (If you remember this “Far Side” cartoon by Gary Larsen, you are in good company!)