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Can any one Identify this rocks please

It’s very difficult to identify rocks like this based on photos alone. Did you test the pure mineral areas for hardness? Where did you find them, esp. what kind of formation did they come from? What are the red crystals(?) in the samples? They are not very well displayed in any of the photos.

inOr, Much appreciated your reply, I got this pictures from my local feild in East Africa, I was not there to identify the formation of the rocks, I saspect they are Rubies, one of the sample picture has ruby like transparent bink and red is attached

Looks like Epidote and with either Garnet or Rutile.


Thanks Allwoodmike, your correct, its Epidote, what are the market value of this rock, we have discovered local mine full of this gemstone.

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Congratulations to “allwoodmike” !! He successfully made a correct Gem Identification from just a photo. IGS should award a Badge for each such accomplishment! :smiley:

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IGS used to have the Master Gemologist Credential … This should be brought back. :smiley:

IGS is exploring adding a course focused on gemology and rough stones that would be close to Donald Clark’s original “Master Gemologist Certification.”

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