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Buying gems

You have to apply for a selling account.

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I agree with Brandyk, It is a good site if you can buy combined stones from the same supplier that is advantageous. The auctions are great also…but be careful the quality is not always there…
hope it helps

this is really helpful

I do buy from Opal Auctions for my rough. I do not recommend buying rough unless you know what you are looking at. I’ve had to remind the dealer that the rough needs to be well padded. I’ve had a few come in busted down to sand. They are all good helpful sellers there.

I sell on GRA (RSA Gems) and once in a while have items audited. Have never failed an audit, for good reason, my stones are always described accurately. Sometimes after the audit (usually only a day or two to complete one) I get an offer from the person who requested the audit. But on my expensive stones I almost always get a GIA certificate and send that with the stone to the buyer. In general I wouldn’t shy away from a stone that is being audited (of course I only sell cut stones and buy rough, but never buy rough on GRA). If a seller does not allow a return and provide a refund they can be kicked off of GRA. I think I am replying to several things I just read, lol.