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Black Star Garnets from India with no stars pricing

Hello IGS Community!

I had placed an order in July 2021 for calibrated cut Black Star Garnets from my Indian vendor. These garnets were mined in India, hand cut and polished there in his shop. I had purchased 250 grams from him, which was the minimum lot size. My total cost per carat is US$0.133904

A few stones had no rays at all but are nice polished stones. I think one had a 1 ray down the middle.

Using my carat scale, I am able to get an accurate weight for each of the stones in the order.

So, my question is what type of pricing should I follow for these no ray garnets? I am thinking of offering them in the category of stones for historical costumes, SCA, LARP, etc.

Here is an example stone under bright indoor lighting and with intense light from a flashlight. This stone weighs 13.215 carats & cost is US$1.77

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.