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Are both Tourmaline?

hey all. can someone tell me what these are please.

Do you have any closer pictures?

no ima go buy a camera today just for gemstones… and maybe a microscope camera

You also need a Mohs hardness tester, and a refractometer. To determine the exact gemstone, you need to know the Refractive Index (RI) and Hardness. Then cross reference with gemstone chart.

Really hard to tell from the pictures. The clear one appears to have a colored core - which would be rather odd for a gemstone. I agree that you need to enlarge the pictures, and even then it will be impossible to provide a definite identification from a picture. Obtaining the refractive index and/or specific gravity would narrow the possible I.D. down significantly.

you are correct the clear one has a green core. thats what made me think tourmaline.