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Alaskan Jadeite

Hello, I’m looking for some advice, I have this 20 pound piece of Alaskan Jadeite that I am hoping to sell. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might be able to sell it? Also am I better off trying to sell it whole or cut it into pieces? Thank you in advance for any help here.

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There are no jadeite deposits in Alaska, only nephrite, and your big slab seems to be quite low quality.


I have some Alaskan Nephrite and I’m wondering how valuable it is.

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In Alaska, there is no Jadeite and there never was.
Only Hephrite and not the best quality.
In your case, the material, no offense, is suitable for a maximum of caskets or cladding of something for decoration.
Doesn’t matter jewelry.

Thank you for this clarification, I now realize that Jade is found in Alaska, not Jadeite.

It’s a bit confusing (please read the excellent article jbergman provided). Nephrite and Jadeite are both called jade (although they are very different). As value goes, all things being equal, jadeite is more valuable than nephrite - but they rarely are, meaning that high quality nephrite beats low quality jadeite. I agree that your slab is not high quality. Nevertheless, it is a big (long) slab - desirable for décor, but tough to ship. Smaller pieces, I believe, would readily sell at modest prices. Personally, I love the stuff and would buy some or all of your slab for a modest price, if anything to test it. There is a lot of material out there that masquerades almost perfectly as “jade”, and it’s not. Be careful advertising it as “jade” (just add a “?” to be safe).
Here’s a fun vid of a “jade shark” in Taiwan. I love that ol’ boy:

Best wishes, John
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Could you kindly reference or link to some specifics on “Hephrite”?
Thanks in advance and best wishes, John

Thank you for this very helpful information. I love the video of the “jade shark”!

Hi Jbergman, I bought 2 pieces of river stones near Myanmar, one is definitely green, the other piece has a brush of green on the skin of the rock but 70% are crystal clear but cold and heavy. Do you think it could possibly be clear jade or all crystal clear rocks are definitely not jades? It appeared to me that the stone is heavier than Quartz, could possibly made into Crystal Rock for a chandellier etc. I just hope it is a Jade.

Not jadeite, not nephrite

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I have some material that is supposedly from Alaska that a friend gave me around 2003. What are your thoughts on it? Pictures to follow.

Looks like nephrite jade.

Personally, I’d consider it for a counter top.(perhaps cut to size)