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$500 of opals or garbage?

I am looking for a few gemologists to tell me if these are real or fake… on camera. Not the best picture, but if the volume of fake gemstones for sale on the internet bothers you, please consider an interview with me. These are from 7 different vendors and just my “opals”. I don’t know where I’m going with this experiment, but I pride myself on my ethics and won’t be selling fake jewelry with fake beads. This is so sad because I’m a registered nurse at an acute care psychiatric hospital and I had planned to buy clothes and shoes for my homeless patients to discharge in with my profits. I wanted to do something nice for the unit for Christmas with my profits. I’ve got 50K of what may or may not be real so I’m kinda stuck. Is anyone willing to participate? We can work some education into the interview. Share your thoughts…

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One really can’t tell anything with these contained within tubes, they need to be laid out under good light and photographed with a good macro lens before anyone can even start to offer an opinion on their identity.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot I can tell you in the tubes, and it’s impossible to be sure via photos or video, but I am happy to help as much as I can. I am a Graduate Gemologist & Graduate Jeweler through GIA and was the Director of Education at an independent jewelry store for over a decade.

If these were laid out with good lighting, it would be helpful, though.

100% right! Have you examined them to see if they are doublets or triplets first,then you need to check with a knowledgeable person who can look at them individually.Can’t tell a thing from anything in a tube.Then you need a place to sell them or someone to buy them.

Out of the tubes agree. I have and deal with a lot of Opal both cut and rough. Please tell the origin and better photos. some of this does look like Ethiopian but again please lay them out properly.

So sorry, but it is impossible to tell anything with them in tubes. Its also impossible to tell from a picture whether or not a gemstone is real. We could tell you what type of opals these are if theyre taken out of the tubes and photographed in natural light, but we cant tell of theyre real or fake.

Possible to get more pics please out of the tube .and more information.i will be happy to help you .
Can you tell where the opals come from ? And how many carats in total , this is a natural opals ? You can drop the opals in water and cheeks with light .
Where did you buy this opals ?

Hello Boss, is it okay if can connect in zoom call to check them. Then we can have some idea.

If you are concerned about ethics, be aware that one can guess from photos, but no one, repeat, no one, no matter their credentials or experience, can tell you whether an opal is real by looking at a photo. Perhaps if you had great macro photos by a gemologist, yes, but not any typical photos an amateur would take. One thing you could do is tell some knowledgeable people who you got these from and what you paid for them. Someone in the gem trade could give you a good guess as to whether the seller is legit or not.

A second issue is what you plan to make and what you plan to charge for it. These all look like small beads in various colors and IDK how you would come close to making 50K (are we talking fifty thousand US dollars?) from beaded opal necklaces. If you had ring sized stones, they might be sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but I don’t know of opal bead necklaces in small sizes that go for thousands. If I spent $1,000 on an opal necklace, I think I’d want some kind of appraisal with it. I hope I am not misunderstanding here. Perhaps you can provide more info.

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Got to agree with Royjohn here. 7 different vendors?! They all appear to be small beads of various Ethiopian (according to the label) Ethiopials are not particularly rare by any means, and a lot less $ than Aussie material.
That some of the black opal is labelled as Ethiopian is alarming… most black Ethiopian has been smoke treated to turn the crystal white into black. As for the orangey colored, it’s also likely dyed if Ethiopian.

Everyone make sure that when you purchase and pay high prices, that you have recourse. And upon sale the vendors MUST disclose treatments on their invoices. *FTC Regulations.

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Sorry, I think you have been scammed. But why buy so many before checking your first purchase? Most good and precious opals are sold by the piece rather than in beads. Beads, whether opal or other minerals are either fakes or very bad quality stones not fit to be sold as individual stones. In any case a valuation from a qualified person will tell you whether these beads are even worth putting into finished jewellery. On-selling them as they are to others and as precious opals without real ie physical inspection by a qualified gemmologist constitutes criminal behaviour even if you were personally scammed in the first place.

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Looks like glass beads to me.

Thank you so much for replying on my post! I wasn’t expecting any response. I guess I wasn’t very clear in my post per the replies. To clarify, my gemstone beads collection is extremely large. The opals pictured represent a very small sample of what I have and purchased as natural gemstone with cost to match. I guessed those “opals” cost me $500, and I spent $50K+ on the inventory in question. I am now in dept for $50K+ in gemstone beads plus interest. It’s a long story. With that said, I would like to send some samples of the opals to you, as well as a few other items, with absolutely no obligation to return them, to simply tell me if the sample is natural or synthetic. If it is natural, maybe a little more… like natural but someone died a rock blue. I’ve accepted I just have to work a ton of overtime to pay everything off and walk away, I would like a little validation. I think doing an interview on camera is going overboard, like I originally wanted, unless you would be open. I don’t think my credit card companies would believe this really happened so I’m silently paying up. No treats for my patients, which is a bummer.

I am more than happy to take a look. My website, has all my contact information-- I figure that’s better than sticking my email in a forum reply!